Legion Announces New Hiring Initiative

The management of Legion, a leading provider of customer acquisitions for sports, entertainment, hospitality, and other local businesses, recently announced that they are hiring. There are many opportunities for qualified candidates.

“We’ve been quite successful in our initiatives to help local business partners build their customer bases,” said Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations. “With our results, demand for our services is increasing and we need to expand our team.”

As Alon noted, Legion’s hiring philosophy is based on candidates’ qualities, not just experience. “While we certainly welcome applicants who have worked in sales and marketing to apply, what we really seek is people who have a positive attitude and strong drive to join our firm,” he said. “We look for business professionals who want to progress their careers.”

How Legion Helps People Develop Personally and Professionally

According to Alon, much of Legion’s success is directly linked to the firm’s extensive training program and advancement policies. “From day one, our representatives are setting the course for their career journeys,” he said. “We start them off learning the ropes for what it takes to excel in business direct marketing for sports and entertainment companies.”

“Our newest team members work side by side with our seasoned pros as they promote a wide range of local clients using discount packages and consumer incentives,” Alon explained. “They learn how to perform demographic research, develop creative campaigns, and work within a B2B setting. After they’ve mastered these initial business 101 skills, these individuals step further into leadership roles and learn all that these positions entail, from HR practices to administration and finally, running their own offices.” 

Legion’s advancement policy ensures the brightest talent is retained. “We invest in our people and we want to keep that knowhow in-house,” Alon added. “Therefore, we promote from within based on merit. This motivates our people to perform at their peak and continue to expand their skill sets.”

Team-building is a strong part of the firm’s culture, which naturally enriches the relationships between representatives across the board. “Our team is diverse, collaborative, and effective because we all work toward common goals,” Alon noted. “Each one is focused on realizing their ambitions and we help each other along the way. We make it fun as well, with frequent activities and team nights that foster our camaraderie.”

Alon encouraged anyone interested in applying to do so online at http://legion-inc.com/about/. “Now is the time to get on board and discover how far you can go in your career.”

About Legion 

Legion is an interactive marketing firm that combines campaign development and impeccable execution to create dynamic promotional campaigns that work. They carefully research consumer demographics to create targeted outreach programs and create meaningful relationships between their clients and customers.

Each of the firm’s customized marketing programs engages potential customers with increased interaction and awareness, ensuring consumers become loyal to the promoted brands resulting in fast paced growth. Legion's model is scalable for use by small and large businesses and adjustable to emerging market trends and focuses on innovation to reach targets efficiently every time. Check us out at legion-inc.com.

Source: Legion