Legion Announces Recent Promotion Amid Team Development

The Legion team enjoys a growth culture, where everyone can expand their abilities, specialized networks, and professional standing. The firm's Director of Operations discussed a recent promotion resulting from these opportunities.

“At Legion, anything is possible through determination and hard work,” said Alon, the company’s Director of Operations. “Christopher A. is the ideal – and most recent – example of success through accomplishment. He has mastered the skills and knowledge necessary for promotion to management, where he will take on a number of new responsibilities.”

According to Alon, Christopher’s movement into an assistant manager role will prepare him for company leadership. He will learn the details of the Legion hiring process, such as background check and payroll setup. Christopher will also be in charge of having high-impact discussions with associates, motivating them to reach their full potential. As he grows his comfort level with all functions of the business, he will do plenty of networking and handle some administrative tasks as well.

Legion Director Shines the Spotlight on New Assistant Manager

“Christopher was born and raised in Berkeley, California,” Alon continued. “He then earned a degree from UC Davis, where he studied marketing in political science. This background has really helped him navigate the ups and downs of the complex marketing and consulting industry. Christopher also has a passion for baseball, and he brings his subsequent enthusiasm for leadership and teamwork to the Legion office every day.”

Elaborating on his day-to-day tasks and goals for the future, Christopher indicated, “I’ve done a lot of work for the telecom division, meeting brand needs and ensuring compliance with California rules and regulations. It included a lot of back-end research and distribution. I still handle back-end work as I sharpen my decision-making and strategic planning abilities. What I love most is the opportunity to oversee campaigns as I guide the progress of my team. Not everyone is the same, so I am challenged to adapt. Being a leader is amazing, and I’m excited to expand the firm and help others grow just as I have.”

Christopher also pointed out that he embraces the time he spends with his colleagues, working collaboratively with them toward common goals. The experience is like no other he’s ever had, and he attributes it to teamwork and creativity.

“I share Christopher’s sentiment that the Legion workplace of team-building and growth is second to none,” Alon concluded. “Working together, we all flourish. Success for the businesses we serve and our own firm are the obvious outcomes.”

About Legion

Legion is an interactive marketing firm that combines campaign development and impeccable execution to create dynamic promotional campaigns that work. They carefully research consumer demographics to create targeted outreach programs and create meaningful relationships between their clients and customers.

Each of the firm’s customized marketing programs engages potential customers with increased interaction and awareness, ensuring consumers become loyal to the promoted brands resulting in fast paced growth. Legion's model is scalable for use by small and large businesses and adjustable to emerging market trends and focuses on innovation to reach targets efficiently every time.

Source: Legion