Legion Celebrates Nine Years of Business Success

The Director of Legion announced their recent celebration of the company’s ninth anniversary. He discussed where the firm would be going following this achievement by outlining plans for next steps.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have celebrated our ninth year in business,” said Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations. “We accomplished so much over the years and have developed an amazing team.”

"One of the greatest things I've witnessed with this company over these years is how our people have challenged themselves and hit benchmarks they originally didn't think were possible."

Alon, Director of Operations

As Alon noted, this milestone is significant because it reflects the effectiveness of Legion’s business model and professional development process. “Nine years growing this business is not an easy task,” he said. “I remember when we started during the recession and had to prove ourselves in this market.  This accomplishment brings validity to what we offer our community and the businesses we represent.”

“Throughout these past nine years, we’ve turned the corner by building our portfolio of companies we’ve served,” Alon continued. “We’ve expanded our operations into new Californian markets. I couldn’t be prouder of the success we’ve attained.”

Perhaps the growth area that pleases Alon the most is the achievements his team members have attained. “One of the greatest things I’ve witnessed with this company over these years is how our people have challenged themselves and hit benchmarks they originally didn’t think were possible,” he stated. “This is a testament to our recruiting process, our training and coaching program, and most especially to the passion these professionals bring to the table each and every day.”

“The best part about celebrating our anniversary during the start of summer is that we’ve been able to share our story with new college grads about the great opportunities this company offers,” he said.

Legion’s Director of Operations Speaks About the Firm’s Secrets to Success

Alon explained what practices he believes have ensured Legion’s sustained growth over the past nine years. “Our signature outreach model is our centerpiece,” he stated. “We built our company around doing things differently from other agencies. What we offer in terms of interactive marketing is precise yet agile to meet a number of business needs.”

“Of course, a model is only as good as the people who manage it,” he continued. “This is where our team comes in. We hire high-energy individuals who have a positive attitude and want to learn and grow with us. Our training and coaching program gives them the tools to achieve the goals we set. Add in a work environment that’s supportive and encourages everyone to be their best and raise the bar each day. This is what makes us soar.”

“After nine years, it’s still a thrill to go to work and be part of this tremendous team,” Alon concluded. “I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

About Legion

Legion is an interactive marketing firm that combines campaign development and impeccable execution to create dynamic promotional campaigns that work. They carefully research consumer demographics to create targeted outreach programs and create meaningful relationships between their clients and customers. Each of the firm’s customized marketing programs engages potential customers with increased interaction and awareness, ensuring consumers become loyal to the promoted brands resulting in fast paced growth. Legion's model is scalable for use by small and large businesses and adjustable to emerging market trends and focuses on innovation to reach targets efficiently every time. Check us out at legion-inc.com

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