Legion Discusses Joe's Promotion to Assistant Management

Within the Legion culture, merit-based advancement is the norm. The company's Director of Operations discussed the most recent individual to move ahead, as well as the approach to goal-setting that guided his progress.

“Once someone on our team acquires the ability to move to the next level, he or she is promptly promoted,” said Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations. “This way, everyone who works hard and contributes to our company’s mission can fulfill their potential. The sky is the limit.”

Alon explained that his colleague, Joe, is the latest associate to advance. Joe is now an assistant manager. His experience, along with a variety of other qualities, put him in prime position to succeed as he takes on leadership responsibilities. 

“Recently everything has really just clicked with Joe,” Alon stated. “He has spent a lot of time with our team and has been working really hard. He has a group in his division that is really helping him succeed. He is definitely ready to shine as a top leader in the nation.”

Joe grew up playing basketball and football in Richmond, Virginia. Alon explained that he didn’t come from much but has always stayed motivated to get what he wanted. His overall dream is to create a youth program for children to learn sports. He enjoys giving back to his community as well.

“His affiliation with sports makes him a complete team player,” Alon added. “Joe is one of the kindest people I know. He never complains, he is very humble, and he is grateful for everything he has. I can’t wait to see all he achieves for himself and for Legion.”

Legion Director Reviews the Goal-Setting Strategy That Facilitates Success

There are several helpful strategies that drive the progress of Legion’s team members, one of which is their commitment to goal setting. Alon noted that he and his coworkers put long-term and short-term objectives in place for every facet of the business. They set expectations for customer acquisition, revenue growth, hiring, professional development, and more.

“We set ambitious yet achievable goals for career advancement as well,” Alon concluded. “Once we do so, we create action plans that cover the skills that must be sharpened, the knowledge that must be mastered, and any other requirements that must be met in order to earn promotions. This way, we can assess our progress and keep our momentum high. This technique never fails, and we have a lot to show for it.”

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Source: Legion, Inc.