Legion Enhances Team Culture With Holiday Party

Legion account managers recently celebrated the end of 2018 with a holiday party to remember. The firm's Director of Operations discussed the gathering and the merits of team-building events.

Taking time to reflect on the past year’s achievements sets professionals up for even greater success. That’s the shared belief among Legion’s leadership team, which is why the firm’s account managers enjoy an annual holiday party at the Peppermill restaurant. This year’s gathering was especially inspiring because of how much team members achieved in 2018. 

A number of different offices attended the party, so it was an ideal chance for team members to expand their professional networks. The relaxed setting made networking even easier. Alon noted that discussions flow smoothly as top performers detail their biggest wins of the past year. The fact that reflecting on successful projects gets everyone inspired is icing on the cake.

The Director stated that team members returned to Legion headquarters freshly motivated to realize their improvement and growth goals in 2019. There’s a buzz around the office as account managers begin setting the stage for an even better holiday party next year. Alon remarked that he hopes team members will be able to reflect on multiple successful expansion efforts and major wins for local business partners when they ring in 2020 together.

Legion’s Director of Operations Highlights the Benefits of Team Get-Togethers

There are so many positive outcomes that emerge from events such as the annual Legion holiday party. Alon stated that helping team members get to know each other better is perhaps the most beneficial part of these gatherings. It becomes easier for people to work together and solve everyday issues when they forge stronger bonds in relaxed settings. Alon noted that the firm’s account managers discover shared interests and hidden talents during their group outings. They also revisit near misses and come up with new ways to approach big challenges. This makes for a more united team when they return to the Legion office.

Team Legion prides itself on innovative business-direct marketing. By getting together outside of their professional roles, the firm’s account managers bolster their abilities to devise breakthrough solutions. Alon explained that spending time with teammates’ friends and family at the holiday party encourages smoother communication when representatives are back on the job. The positive energy created during team gatherings tends to carry over into work projects, which makes imaginative solutions the likely results.

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