Legion Inc Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Members of Team Legion Inc recently celebrated the firm's 10-year anniversary. The company's Director of Operations discussed a cruise that highlighted the milestone and examined the importance of setting ambitious goals.

Marking 10 years in business is a significant milestone for any company. Legion Inc. account managers did just that with a recent celebration on a private yacht. “Honoring this anniversary with a cruise on the San Francisco Bay was the ideal way to express gratitude to our team,” stated Alon, the firm’s Director of Operations. “It was a night we’re sure to remember for a long time to come.”

The team’s evening on the private yacht included dinner and drinks. There was also a special video commemorating the success the company has achieved in its 10 years of existence. Alon added, “We had a number of people travel to the Pleasanton area to celebrate with our team. I’m definitely looking forward to celebrating our next 10 years!”

Honoring key business anniversaries is an effective way to build morale. “The cruise was our way of showing team members that we value them as much as we did when Legion Inc was founded,” Alon said. “Showing appreciation is something we take seriously, so this was a prime opportunity to take our recognition efforts to a new height.”

The celebration also gave representatives the chance to reflect on the goals they’ve accomplished and what’s still to come. “We all came back to the Legion Inc office with fresh perspectives on what’s in store for our company,” Alon added. “I can confidently say that our people are motivated more than ever to reach ambitious benchmarks.”

Legion Inc’s Director of Operations on the Value of Setting Ambitious Goals

Establishing clear objectives has been a big part of Legion Inc’s success, according to Alon. He commented, “We don’t settle for the status quo. This is true even during the best of times, because we understand that setting the bar higher with each win is the surest way to stay ahead in a competitive industry.”

The firm’s emphasis on goal setting takes shape during the initial training program. “We want new hires to know how important it is to put well-defined targets in place,” Alon noted. “With specific goals in front of them, our team members can measure their progress and make adjustments along the path to achievement. They stay engaged throughout the process because they know exactly where they stand.”

About Legion 

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Source: Legion Inc