Legion Leaders Set Travel, Growth, and Hiring Goals for 2017

Managers at Legion encourage personal development to ensure that associates achieve important milestones. The firm's Director discussed inspiring company goals built on travel, promotions, and training. Also, the team is hiring.

“If you want to succeed in today’s business climate, you can’t be complacent,” stated Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations. “You need to develop yourself and sharpen your skills on a consistent basis, or risk getting left behind by your more diligent peers. To do this, it’s essential to have goals for both your professional and personal lives.”

Not only are Legion associates expected to set targets for their individual edification, but Alon sets company-wide initiatives as well. These organizational goals are implemented with the same intention as the Director’s own objectives – to keep the company relevant in an increasingly competitive economy.

“One thing we do differently at Legion is work with our people to help them set realistic yet challenging goals for themselves,” Alon explained. “Not only do our managers sit down and help associates develop their own short-term and long-term ambitions, but we keep the conversations going. We check in with people to see how they’re doing, we celebrate with them when they hit a target, and we help them get back on track if they find themselves off course.”

Another important strategy is to tie the goals that teammates set for themselves to company-sponsored events, such as travel opportunities. There are several leadership conferences and networking functions that Legion high achievers attend throughout the year, for instance, and naturally Alon and the leadership team want to have a good showing at these functions.

“We also schedule specific trainings to reflect the goals that our associates hope to achieve,” added Alon. “If there are a lot of objectives that involve networking in some way, we’ll hold special classes teaching people how to make great first impressions or brush up on their elevator pitches. When our crew is achieving, and their goals are in alignment with Legion’s operational objectives, then we all grow together!”

Legion’s Director Announces Openings for 2017

In anticipation of record growth in the new year, Alon is announcing a hiring initiative for entry-level positions at Legion. The Director stated that this is an incredibly exciting time to join the organization, with demand for their services higher than ever before. Career-oriented professionals who enjoy challenge will appreciate the upward mobility and one-to-one coaching they receive at the firm. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.

About Legion

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