Legion Recognizes Top Performers, Grows Team Through Travel

Legion's Director of Operations detailed an upcoming retreat that underscores the accomplishments of the firm's high achievers. He also shared a few of his best tips for smooth business travel.

A contingent of leaders and top performers from Legion will be attending a retreat in Las Vegas from November 17-20. Alon, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “This rest and relaxation event will be an amazing opportunity for our people to get away from the daily grind and make beneficial connections at the same time. I know we are all excited to hit the road and make some memories.”

Along with the Director, seven other associates are slated to attend the retreat. Needa O., Chris A., Sam G., Julia P., Curtis H., Lindsey L., and Jeremy M. will be making the voyage to Sin City for some well-deserved fun. Alon remarked, “These professionals show their dedication on a daily basis, and they are the biggest reasons behind Legion’s continuing growth. We enjoy recognizing our people’s efforts through all types of rewards, and travel incentives rank at the top of that list.”

A recognition event such as the Las Vegas retreat is an ideal way to build morale and further team members’ professional development. Alon believes the benefits extend beyond these positive outcomes. He explained, “Recognition doesn’t benefit only those who receive travel opportunities or other types of rewards. We at Legion have found that publicly honoring our associates’ achievements motivates everyone on the team and reinforces the notion that we are invested in their success. The benefits of an occasion like the upcoming retreat last far past our return to the office.”

Legion’s Director of Operations Offers a Few Simple Tips for Easier Travel

Alon and the entire Legion team have racked up a lot of miles through their many business travel ventures. The Director stated, “I have a few simple reminders I always share with Legion associates before we hit the road, and I think they make for less stressful excursions.”

Packing strategies are always at the top of the Director’s list. He commented, “You owe it to yourself to invest in a durable carry-on bag that’s also as flexible as possible. That way, you have enough space to pack everything you need for a short trip without worrying too much about it being crammed into an overhead bin.” Alon also encourages Legion’s traveling team members to keep essentials packed at all times. “It’s nice not to have to worry about packing toiletries and other must-haves, so I keep them stocked in my bag.”

Alon reminds Legion associates to take in as much of the unique flavor of a new place as possible. He concluded, “We make a point of visiting as many unique restaurants and natural attractions as we can during our business trips. It’s always nice to come back to work with lasting memories.”

About Legion

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