Legion Sets Sight on Team Development and Leadership

At Legion, things are looking up as the sales and marketing firm expands its business and team. According to Alon B, the Director of Operations, they are making several moves to capitalize on growing demand

​​​Growth is always on the minds of the Legion team members. Alon asserted that he and the rest of the company’s leadership have aligned the firm’s objectives with the personal goals of their associates. To illustrate this point he announced a promotion of one of the firm’s associates, Leah, to management.

“This is an excellent opportunity for both Legion and Leah to grow,” he said. “She will be acting as the manager of a new office with a new team. By opening a new location, we will expand both our geographic reach and our capacity to run campaigns. Leah will also get a chance to truly exercise all that she has learned here.”

Alon indicated that Leah reached this new position thanks in large part to her excellent team management and training skills. He stated that she has been a natural leader since joining the firm. By setting ambitious goals and repeatedly achieving them, Leah proved to Alon and the whole team that she can accomplish any goals.

“We will be recruiting new associates in several positions to help Leah at the new office,” Alon added. “The ideal candidate is a driven, ambitious individual seeking a serious career with plenty of opportunities. We offer comprehensive training so prior experience isn’t necessary but is, of course, a bonus. Anyone interested should apply via our website.”

Legion’s Director of Operations Examined Leadership Development Plans

In addition to growing the team, Alon has plans for developing the leadership potential of Legion’s associates. He asserted that in order for the company to continue its growth rate, it will need capable professionals who can take the lead.

“One of the most important requirements of successful leadership is up-to-date industry knowledge,” he asserted. “We encourage our associates to continuously learn about what is happening in our space and in the business world as a whole. Additionally, we bring everyone together to bond because a strong, trusting team should be important to any leader.”

He continued to explain that he teaches his team members to reflect and be introspective. This helps them to learn from their mistakes and keep improving. “When people master these skills, they are set up to succeed as leaders. A lot of the rest simply comes through practice, which is why we give all of our people opportunities to take charge.”

About Legion

Legion is an interactive marketing firm that combines campaign development and impeccable execution to create dynamic promotional campaigns that work. They carefully research consumer demographics to create targeted outreach programs and create meaningful relationships between their clients and customers.

Each of the firm’s customized marketing programs engages potential customers with increased interaction and awareness, ensuring consumers become loyal to the promoted brands resulting in fast paced growth. Legion's model is scalable for use by small and large businesses and adjustable to emerging market trends and focuses on innovation to reach targets efficiently every time.

Source: Legion