Legion Team Members Are Congratulated on 11 Years of Success

Alon, Legion's Director of Operations, recently celebrated the firm's 11th year in business with his team. He thanked each associate for their hard work, and set expectations for the next 11 years.

Alon knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without the amazing Legion team, and took his time recounting the great memories he shared with everyone at the firm. He noted all the goals they had hit together, the excitement they always felt when setting new company objectives, and the many times they celebrated one another’s successes. Then, he outlined his plan to continue exceeding the expectations of customers and local business partners, while sharing his vision for the future. Eleven years in business is a noteworthy accomplishment for any organization, yet Alon feels like he’s just getting started, and knows the next 11 years will be even more spectacular. 

The Importance of Goals to Individual and Organizational Success

Success is multi-faceted. At the same time, one of the essential elements of achievement on any level is knowing how to set goals. Alon credits his personal accomplishments to being goal-oriented, and Legion has been in business for over a decade because of clearly defined operating objectives as well. 

According to Alon, a company cannot stay relevant in the modern business environment by maintaining the status quo. Leaders must take calculated risks and seek growth opportunities for themselves, their team, and their firm to stay ahead of the competition. This is what makes goal-setting so important: with personal and professional targets to aim for, people can tell if they’re working on the projects that will help them move toward their visions of the future. 

Leaders can use organizational objectives as a way to determine if a company is performing according to standards as well. Alon sets goals in the expected spheres like profits and revenue, but also for less obvious areas like loss prevention, team growth, customer satisfaction, and even internal promotions. He uses these as metrics that tell him how Legion is doing in the present, and will be doing in the future. This information helps him make adjustments to the way the company operates when necessary, or to know when it’s time to push forward even harder and look for expansion opportunities.

Alon and Team Legion have accomplished great things in the last 11 years, and have even bigger plans in store. With the work ethic, determination, and clarity of purpose they’ve displayed in the past, it’s certain that they’re in for an exciting future.

About Legion
Legion is an interactive marketing firm that combines campaign development and impeccable execution to create dynamic promotional campaigns that work. They carefully research consumer demographics to create targeted outreach programs and create meaningful relationships between their clients and customers.

Each of the firm’s customized marketing programs engages potential customers with increased interaction and awareness, ensuring consumers become loyal to the promoted brands resulting in fast paced growth. Legion's model is scalable for use by small and large businesses and adjustable to emerging market trends and focuses on innovation to reach targets efficiently every time. Check us out at legion-inc.com.

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