Legion Team Members Enjoy Relaxing Retreat

Legion's Director of Operations discussed the recent R&R trip to the Dominican Republic and the team members who qualified for the trip. He also outlined a few benefits of business travel.

The Legion leadership team uses travel incentives to motivate their representatives to perform at their best. They include R&R trips to exotic locales. “This year’s all-inclusive industry-wide vacation took us to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic,” stated Alon, the company’s Director of Operations. “The event was full of rest and relaxation, but it also provided a wealth of professional benefits for those who attended.”

Lindsey, Sherie, Czircan, Leah, and Needa were the team members who accompanied the Director on the trip. Alon stated, “The people who were chosen to attend the R&R deserved to be rewarded for their hard work and the investments they’ve made in themselves and our company in 2017. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which offered an array of dining and nightlife options. It was truly a getaway to remember, which is why we’re still talking about it around the Legion office.”

The retreat provided an array of professional benefits as well as fun in the sun. Alon remarked, “There were many influential industry leaders in attendance at the retreat. The networking potential for our team members was off the charts. They mingled with high-achieving peers and top managers alike, building their contact lists in the process. There was also a huge awards ceremony that celebrated all the top leaders in the nation.”

Legion’s Director of Operations on the Diverse Benefits of Team Travel

Along with the networking and educational opportunities provided by a trip like the Dominican Republic R&R, there are also some overlooked benefits to be gained. The Director added, “Our team members improve their time management skills when we get away from the Legion headquarters. There’s always a schedule to stick to, but it often changes with little warning. So there’s a good mix of learning to use your time wisely and becoming more adaptable that comes with just about every trip.”

The team-building advantages of traveling together are also significant. Representatives get to know each other on a personal level when they hit the road, which leads to stronger trust back at the office. With a better sense of their colleagues’ unique skills, collaboration on key projects also becomes more effective. Alon explained, “The morale boosts our people get from venturing to exotic places really pay off for our company and our local business partners.”

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