Legion Team Travels to Memorable Holiday Party

Legion's Director of Operations discussed the firm's recent holiday party, which gave team members an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. He also outlined the team-building benefits of travel.

Holiday parties don’t have to take place in December. That’s certainly the shared opinion among Legion leaders, who scheduled the company’s seasonal get-together for early January. Alon, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “It just made sense to ring in 2018 as we celebrated all the success we’ve achieved in the past year. Our party took place at the Peppermill Resort Hotel in Reno, Nevada, and it was an ideal chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and create a shared vision for even more success in 2018.”

“There was an award ceremony during the party,” Alon added. “We gave out five achievement awards, an MVP award, a consistency award, and a team player award. Our representatives are more motivated than ever to achieve their goals so they can be honored at next year’s party as well.”

Legion’s Director of Operations on the Team-Strengthening Benefits of Travel

Members of Team Legion enjoy a range of travel opportunities throughout the year, including conferences, networking events, and road trips. The Director stated, “Our representatives get to see sides of each other they might not normally see around the office. They come back home as stronger collaborators as a result. Previously unknown traits and hidden talents come to the fore when our people interact in new places.”

Getting together away from the office is also an ideal way to gain fresh perspectives on the work we do, the Director explained. He remarked, “Our people get to see their achievements from a new viewpoint when they discuss them in a casual setting. This carries over into our projects back at the Legion office, because the positive vibes follow us back home.”

Along with these benefits, traveling as a group also builds adaptability in team members. There are sure to be some unexpected changes to any travel schedule, so people learn to roll with the punches. Alon noted, “This is an especially important ability in a rapidly evolving industry. Our people need to be well-equipped to deal with changing customer needs and market trends.”

Time management skills are also honed during team getaways. “Navigating a new place comes with unique challenges,” Alon concluded. “Our team members get better at managing the hours in a day when they venture out for an industry event or retreat. It’s a subtle benefit, but it’s one that pays off during busy workdays.”

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