Support and Camaraderie Are Built Into Legion's Work Culture

Alon, Legion's Director of Operations, discussed the firm's recent holiday party. This year's celebration was held at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.

Celebrating the end-of-year holidays together is a Legion tradition, and this year’s 11th annual holiday celebration was the best one ever, according to Alon. The focus was on those who excelled outside the office and achieved major milestones in their personal lives. This way, even those who hadn’t been with the company for very long could receive accolades.

The Legion family has grown tremendously in the last decade, and everyone in the organization was able to get some recognition at all levels of the business. For this event, only the top 100 performers out of about 600 associates were chosen. These people are the best of the best from all offices, and they really put in the effort to score an invite.

The holiday party was a great opportunity to network while asking questions and sharing best practices, plus spend a few hours relaxing away from professional roles and titles. It was a formal affair, and Alon noted how great it was to see everyone decked out in their finest attire for the occasion. 

There was more to the event than just the party; many team members had a chance to relax at the spa before and after the soiree, while others took the time to hang out. This was an all-inclusive event, so team members were encouraged to explore the resort and sample all that it had to offer.

Also, there was a raffle for attendees that included a GoPro, an espresso machine, an Apple smartwatch, and Golden State Warriors tickets. The highlight of the event for Alon was the awards ceremony though, where top Legion producers were honored for their achievements in front of the entire organization.

Benefits of Legion Team-Building Events

Putting together a major holiday extravaganza like the one in Reno is an investment of time and resources, but one that Alon gladly makes. The success enjoyed by the Legion team is directly related to the unity and camaraderie felt throughout the entire organization, Alon stated. When his people get the chance to spend time together away from the office and build good memories, whether it be at a resort in Reno or the local bowling alley, the whole company benefits. Solidarity is the secret to his company’s success, and Alon is certain that the positive energy from the company’s latest holiday party will add to the wave of momentum carrying the firm into 2019.

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